UN Human Rights Zungpi Nih Kawl Ralkap Caah Thawng Thanhnak A Tuah!

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Kan lung biafehnak langh terin, Rakhine State ah naite tiang ah fahnak le ikahdohnak ruang ah mipi nih thihnak le hliamtuarnak an tonmi cu Kawl ralkap le hriamtlai AA an ikahnak ruang ah a si tiah theihternak lanhter asi.

Myanmar ralkap ( Atmadaw le Arakan Army ikah dohnak ahhin sualnak a neilo mipi tampi nih thihnak an ton, Inn lo khangh piak, theih le hrem, thingphannak le chiatha tleidanglo in thahnawnnak a chuak. Mipi nih an neihmi thilri tiang in hrawh piak an si hna, umnak hmanh neilo in an um hna. Hi kahdohnak ruang ah Rakhine State le Chin State chungin fahnak a tonmi miphun hna cu : rakhine, rohingya, chin Mro le Daignet hi an si hna.

UN Human Rights zungpi nih hi kong ah theihnak kan donmi ahcun : Rakhine State chung Buthidaung, Rathedaung, Kyauktaw, Mrauk-U le Sittwe Myone chung ahhin an si hna, minung 20,000 leng nih an umnak an zam tak.

Hi thahnawnnak in mipi nih an tonmi vial te hi Kawl cozah nih January 2019 thawk in minung cung ah zawnruahnak a neih lo le lairelnak a tuah lo ruang ah asi.

Hmuh theihmi ah, April 3,2019 tiang ah Ralkap Helicopter -2 nih South Buthiduang peng chung Hpon Nyo Leik khua le leikuang ah mipi cu an kah hna ii minung-7 an thi, minung -18 hliam an tuar hna tiah theih asi rih.April 3 ah mipi thihnak an tonnak hmun hi rohingya pawl nih an zamtaknak hmunhma deuh ah an si.

Buthidaung le Rathedaung myone chung in March 25-30 karlak lawng ah Rohingya 4,000 nih an umnak an zam tak hna tiah UN Human Rights nih thawng zamhnak kan theih.

Kan biakiahnak ah Tatmadaw le Arakan Army nih hin kahdeihnak cu mipi an nun himnak ah tuah hrim uh. Kah dohnak ruang ah Chaklei Rakhine minung pawl le mipi nih fahnak a ton mi hi Myanmar cozah nih an cung ah zawnruahnak in remh a herh hrim cang.

Ramkip ipehtleihnak phu zong nih Myanmar ralkap nih aliam cia kum ah an tuahsernak pawl zong mawh chiat a rak si cang. Cozah ralkap nih mipi cung ah fahnak le thahnawnnak tuah hi cu sual tak tak asi. Nganfahnak le thahnawnnak hi deih ter lo ahcun thihnak a karh chinchin lai.

Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Ravina Shamdasani

Location: Geneva
Date: 5 April 2019
Mirang ca in rel a duhmi caah

Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Ravina Shamdasani

Location: Geneva
Date: 5 April 2019


We are deeply disturbed by the intensification of the conflict in Rakhine State in recent weeks, and condemn what appear to be indiscriminate attacks and attacks directed at civilians by the Myanmar military and armed fighters in the context of the ongoing fighting with the ethnic Rakhine Arakan Army (AA).

The conflict between the Myanmar military, known as the Tatmadaw, and the Arakan Army has given rise to credible reports of the killing of civilians, burning of houses, arbitrary arrests, abductions, indiscriminate fire in civilian areas, and damage to cultural property. The fighting has impacted on civilians of various ethnicities in Rakhine and Chin States, including Rakhine, Rohingya, Chin, Mro and Daignet.

According to reports received by the UN Human Rights Office, fighting has intensified in Buthidaung, Rathedaung, Kyauktaw, Mrauk-U, and Sittwe townships in Rakhine State in recent weeks, leading to the displacement of over 20,000 civilians. The impact of the violence on civilians in northern Rakhine has been exacerbated by the Government’s near-suspension of humanitarian access since January 2019.

In the most recent escalation, on the evening of 3 April, two military helicopters flew over Hpon Nyo Leik village tract in south Buthidaung township and fired on civilians tending cows and paddyfields, killing at least seven civilians and injuring 18 others, according to sources on the ground.

The 3 April attack was carried out in an area that had seen large-scale displacement of Rohingya civilians in recent days. According to information received by the UN Human Rights Office, some 4,000 Rohingya were displaced between 25 and 30 March from the villages along the road connecting Buthidaung and Rathedaung towns. The displaced had fled westward and are taking shelter in areas including Hpon Nyo Leik village tract.

We call on the Tatmadaw and the Arakan Army to immediately cease hostilities and to ensure that civilians are protected. Humanitarian access to all areas of northern Rakhine must urgently be restored, including those areas affected by recent clashes.

As the international community is taking steps towards accountability for the crimes committed against civilians in previous years, the Myanmar military is again carrying out attacks against its own civilians – attacks which may constitute war crimes. The consequences of impunity will continue to be deadly.


For more information and media requests, please contact: Rupert Colville – + 41 22 917 9767 / or Ravina Shamdasani – + 41 22 917 9169 / or Marta Hurtado – + 41 22 917 9466 /

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